We will take a ride on a sport speed boat along the island of Rab to the islands of Pag, Lošinj, Cres and Krk as well as to the mainland, where there are numerous trails running through Mediterranean landscapes and along historical sights.

We organize mountain bike tours across the Kvarner Bay. Enjoy beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and the clean air of the islands of Rab, Pag, Lošinj, Cres and Krk. We will take you to your departure location on a speed cruiser.

Our diving offer includes almost all diving possibilities, such as beach diving, boat diving, night diving and diving excursions. Our rich selection of programs also includes a Discover Scuba Diving program intended for children, featuring beginner to advanced Nitrox, Trimix and Rebreather courses. Our dive spots include some of the most interesting and beautiful locations, such as reefs, caves and shipwrecks found in the waters surrounding the island of Rab and the neighboring islands

We organize kayaking tours across the island of Rab or along the neighboring islands of Grgur or Goli otok, rides along numerous coves and bays, lagoons, secluded beaches and historical sights.

We organize fishing and big game fishing trips along the island of Rab and the nearby Kvarner islands. The offer includes: fishing permit, bait, professional fishing equipment and Mediterranean catering.

Enjoy the panoramic ride across the town of Rab in a Jaguar Oldtimer, while listening to pleasant music and taking in beautiful sunsets. The personal driver and a bottle of champagne are included in the price.

Pure Nature Chillout Sessions in beautiful secluded bays and coves of the island of Rab. The speed boat ride and hammock are included in the price.

An opportunity to take an exam and obtain a sailing and motor boat permit, with the possibility of arranging practice sailing rides.

Islad Rab

The Island of Rab is constituted from several settlements (Kampor, Palit, Banjol, Barbat, Mundanije, Lopar and Rab)...


Barbat is a fishing place located on the southern part of the island of Rab. Barbat is a blend of modern and traditional


For those who want to spend holidays in aktive way, avantouristic or playing difrent sports, this place offers you many options.